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The backgammon set was commissioned as a fifth wedding anniversary present.   The design went through numerous iterations, before settling on a pared down material palette of black walnut, brass and beech.

The board was designed in 2 halves, one half framed in solid walnut, allowing the other to store inside the frame.  Magnets were inlaid into the edges which hold the two halves together when in use.

The traditional triangles associated with a backgammon board have been extrapolated into inlaid brass arcs that span the full width of the playing surface.  Brass angles keep the boards apart when stored, providing space for counters and dice and allow the nested board to be dropped in and out.

The counters were cut from contrasting walnut and beech, while the dice were specially made from walnut with beech inlaid dots.  The dots are a recurring motif in the set, appearing in the dowelled mitred joints of the frame, the inlaid magnets and gold plated markers on the board.

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