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Conversations about climate change

These 4 simian forest dwellers were a winning entry to the Conversations about Climate Change competition, jointly organised by the Building Centre in London and the Timber Trade Federation.  Each ape is designed to be made of a timber from its own natural forest habitat and will be exhibited at the Building Centre, London in February 2021.


Gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and gibbons are all recorded in the IUCN Red List as endangered or critically endangered, with habitat loss being their greatest single threat.


It is said that the world’s forests are being cleared at a rate 10x faster than the most optimistic regrowth could allow.  How is it that the use of tropical timber can be anything but contributory to this?  The apes were conceived to ask this very question. 


The Forest Dwellers are intended to be heirloom quality pieces for both play and ornament.  The component parts of each ape are marked-out, cut, drilled and shaped by hand, before being oiled and assembled.  Brass pins hold the legs and arms in position, which are then secured with capped washers.  Compressible felt washers make for poseable limbs.


Can we regrow our forests to limit the impact of climate change and help to reverse biodiversity loss?  Is it possible to sustainably harvest timber and natural products, contributing to ethical and sustainable economies, as well as safeguarding habitats, biodiversity and the health of the Earth? The future survival of these creatures and countless others, is inextricably linked to the survival of their forests.